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Management Service

The services provided are:-
  • Calculate rental value.
  • Market the property through advertising and the internet.
  • Full inventory - condition of decorations etc.
  • Arrange and accompany Tenant to view property.
  • Obtain references from tenant - Employer References, and Court Registrar in London (CCJ'S)
  • Notify Mortgage Lender that property is being rented - if required after the owner has obtained prior consent to the letting.
  • Retain deposit from Tenant against dilapidation.
  • Collect one months rent in advance.
  • Draw up Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement - Notice Requiring Possession Section 21.
  • Ensure signatures are obtained on Tenancy Agreement
  • If required organise insurance policy for Landlord i.e content and building insurance
  • Take meter readings and transfer all services into Tenant's name plus Council Tax and Water Companies etc
  • Ensure Tenant signature is on property inventory
  • First day Tenant moves into property check that there are no problems.
  • Regular property Inspections
  • Send monthlyStatement to Landlord
  • Transfer monthly rent received to Landlord
  • If maintenance/repair is required will notify Landlord immediately cost will either be deducted from monthly rent/insurance policy claim or at Landlord's discretion
  • Will liaise between Landlord and Tenant when required.
  • Will issue two warning letters to Tenants if problems arise.
  • If problem persist will submit a termination notice to Tenant (two months notice required).
  • At the end of the tenancy the property will have a final inventory inspection and TTA will carry out any necessary issues.

This service will cost 10% of monthly rent received.


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